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Your Go-to Guide for Healthy Green Living:

Do One Green Thing:  Saving the Earth Through Simple, Everyday Choices by GreenerPenny's Mindy Pennybacker! As recommended on The Martha Stewart Show and by Meryl Streep.

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“Such a pleasure to read! Mindy’s solid research informs your healthy living choices."
-from the foreword by Meryl Streep

According to The New York Times, Do One Green Thing is “A handy guide to making more environmentally sound decisions,” with “well-organized chapters and easy-to-use tips.”

Buy from your local bookseller, or online at Amazon, Barnes and Noble and others listed at

Do One Green Thing provides:

*Choose It/Lose It charts for labels and ingredients

*Lists of greenest, healthiest products:

  • Clothing
  • Cosmetics
  • Food
  • Home Deco & Furnishing
  • Household/laundry cleaners
  • Electronics & lighting
  • Shoes

*Tips for recycling and reusing

*D.I.Y. recipes for cleaners

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Burt's Bees, come clean!

Although it was acquired by Clorox in 2007, Burt's retains its botanical ingredients and its push to clean up the cosmetics industry by launching the Natural Products Association (NPA) seal. But Burt's itself still lists general "fragrance," an umbrella term which could include toxic phthalates.

Burt's new Natural Ageless with pomegranate and para cress Line Diminishing Day Lotion feels lovely and has been flying off drugstore shelves. But its label still lists "fragrance," instead of specific plant essential oils.

I prefer to know exactly what's in a product: For example, the John Masters Organic green tea & rose hydrating face serum label lists specific rose and certified organic essential oils rather than the catch-all "fragrance."

Earth Day Note: Both products are packaged in endlessly recyclable glass, although the plastic pumps and caps can't go in recycle bins. Aveda, which makes a fragrance-free moisturizer with certified organic aloe continues its drop-off recycling program for caps of these types.

To find personal care products without toxic phthalates, parabens and other hazardous ingredients, see Greener Penny's cosmetics blog and list.

Spring cleaning doesn't have to mean buying commercial products, even green ones

The only store-bought cleaning formulas I buy are dish soap and laundry detergent.

I use the dish soap - and natural oils like lemon - as a base for many of these Greener Penny's D.I.Y. cleaning recipes. Make sure you have these D.I.Y. cleaning basics, like vinegar and baking soda, on hand.

If you shop for green cleaners, do check the labels for these ingredients to avoid.


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Some startling news about toxic fire retardant chemicals than can cause developmental and nervous system harm: They've been found in some of the most popular mattresses for babies.

Time for a good green sleep on a nontoxic mattress. Learn what to avoid, what to look for, and what products you can trust in our updated mattress blog.

Plus Greener Penny sussed out the latest trend, "green" memory foam.

sign up Hydrate safely with BPA-free reusable bottles on our mobile-friendly shopping list. Epoxy linings in some aluminum bottles leach BPA, per this study. Tip: Choose bottles with white, not orange, linings.

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BPA: Busted

Bisphenol-A’s rap sheet is so long and conclusive there can be no doubt this chemical is a public health enemy. A component of polycarbonate (PC #7) plastic, used for drink and baby bottles, canned food lining and food storage, BPA, which behaves like estrogen, has been connected to obesity, diabetes, infertility, breast cancer and heart disease in human adults, breathing problems in infants. and aggressive behavior in girls, as reported in our blog.

The California Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment has added BPA to its list of chemicals that can cause birth defects, as reported in the L.A. Times. And France has banned BPA from infant products and ordered it removed from all food and drink containers by 2015.

Recent Research Findings:

What to do?

At this point, I think it’s best to simply avoid any #7 plastic drink bottle, even those that claim to be BPA-free.

Best Picks? Stainless steel water bottles and tempered glass baby bottles.

Never heat food in any plastic. Use steel or ceramic in the oven or on the stove, or ceramic or glass in the microwave. Here are some safer plastics for storing food. Safest of all however, are tempered glass, microwave-safe containers like these.

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